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22 in. Force™ Wiper Blade


Product Overview

TRICO Force® a robustly engineered beam blade with a patented swept-wing spoiler that slices through turbulence caused by cross winds, buffeting truck winds and general traffic disturbances. Designed with an innovative aero design, these high-performance wiper blades control airflow and transfer it into maximum wiper/glass contact for a flawless wipe, providing excellent visibility in all driving situations.

Features & Benefits

  • HighGlide treated rubber element for a smoother, quieter wipe
  • SWIFT Easy Connection Technology for quick wiper replacement
  • VorTec aerofoil provides maximum windshield contact by transferring wind force downward
  • Cut through wind speeds of up to 135 MPH (220 KPH) and rely on the robust superstructure for durable all-weather performance with TRICO Force. HighGlide treated rubber technology is designed for quiet operation. SWIFT easy connect makes a secure fit and easy to install blade.