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Airpower Line 15 ft 3-in-1


Product Overview

3-in-One ABS AirPower Lines - (2) 3/8” ID SAE J1402 rubber air lines available with black or red/blue. ABS performance power line meets the performance requirements of SAE J2394. SAE J560 Buffalo Plugs with WeatherSeal sleeves for superior corrosion protection and strain relief. Heavy duty, beveled edge spiral wrap gathers all lines into a tangle-free bundle. Spoon cut end on spiral wrap eliminates sharp end which can damage the hose or electric cable. FLEXGrip-HD - A thermo-elastomeric gladhand grip located on the trailer leads. Corrosion resistant all brass fittings. Tapered grip flexes with airline during tight turns for advanced kink protection. Reinforced, thicker rail at the hose end of the grip prevents tearing and improves kink resistance. Color-coded grip helps to minimize incorrect tractor/trailer connections. FLEXGrip-HD Thread – 1/2”. Bend Restrictors – A thermo-elastomeric reinforcement guard located on the tractor leads. Non-corrosive, unlike typical spring guards. Color-coded to help minimize incorrect tractor/trailer connections. Prevents kinking during tight turns. LIFESwivel - A live swivel design featuring all brass construction to eliminate corrosion. Fitting located on the tractor side of the assembly. Double O-ring leak-free “Life” design. Quick & easy single wrench installations. 1/2” Tractor Fitting Threads. AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP– No tools needed – clamp, lock, go.

Interchanges & Equivalent parts: PHI30-2171, TEC169157, 302171, 4296062

Features & Benefits

  • The Orig.AirPwrLine-3in1-13.5'