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Clutch Packs - Remfd - H/D Truck Haldex



Clutch Disc Quantity 2
Clutch Pack Peak Engine Torque 600
Clutch Pack Bolt Circle Diameter 14.125 in., 14.625 in.
Clutch Pack Pot Depth 1.062 in.
Clutch Pack Clutch Diameter 13 in.
Clutch Friction Material Organic
Clutch Spline Diameter 1-1/2 in. (10 Spline)
Clutch Type Push
Fits Engine Manufacturer Ford With Caterpillar Engine
Fits Engine Model # Various
# of Disc Springs 10
Replacement Parts Available RCA1014X (Cover Assy)
Type 13" Long Two Plate (Square Cover)
Weight 59 lbs

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

RC7040999X, RSMU0704, MA4012, SMU0704, RC7040999X, 5396-RC7040999X, 767653036250, HDX RC7040999X, MA4012, MBIRC7040999X, MIDRC7040999X, RSMU0704, SMU0704, LP1989134, ZZRC7040999X, SMU0704, MA4012, RSMU0704, RC7040999X, RC7040999X, ZZRC7040999X, LP1989134, SMU0704, 5396-RC7040999X, 767653036250, HDX RC7040999X, RSMU0704, MIDRC7040999X, MBIRC7040999X, MA4012