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Engine Oil, Cartridge L: 6,5 in, OD: 3,35 in, ID: 1,61 in


Product Overview



Application JOHN DEERE AT15088T
Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency 99% 38 Micron
Inner Diameter 1.61 in (40.9 mm)
Length 6.5 in (165.1 mm)
Outer Diameter 3.35 in (85.09 mm)
Standard Length 6 to 7 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

3I1320, 9Y4511, C139APL, C139PL, GH220, LF587, LUBP189, PT631, T63P, 2066, 2191-P555088, 3I-1320, 454, 5572508, 5578650, 70000-14643, 80, 85242, 92095917, 92242, 9613334, AA2092R, AA2093R, AA2454R, AA245R, AA3585R, AA3586R, AC3067, AR26350, AR26350R, AR28110R, AR28111R, AT15088, AT15088T, BP634, CAP321, DN P555088, DN P555088, DONP555088, DXT203, EP203, FA189, FIL1242, FL78, G139M, G644, G661, G666, JA2092, L103, L117, L211, L30014, L816, LF311, LF587FLG, LP189, MF31A, MT189, P189, PF352, PL80, PM139, PM294, R14, R2165P, S13, S75CP, 9576P555088, 303485161, 574239, 7000014643, 998456R91, AA28110, AA293R, AA3585M, AA360R, AA3680, AA3680R, AH1111RE, CW145M, CW145MP, CW242MP, EP189, FH239, G138M, H935, JD701, JD701P, JDABP, L123, LEF5068, LFR8587, LR12, P294, PC139, PC145P, PJD2, PMJD2, SO587, SRPJD2, SRPJD22L, SRPJD2L, M145, OX79D, P312, WAR28110R, WCJD701, WCLJD701P, WGL587, XJD2N, 1242, 680, P14