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Engine Oil Filters, Spin-On L: 10,31 in, Tread : 1 1/8-16 UN , OD: 4,26 in


Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

FOE190, 3Y900X, B76MPG, SP882, CF513, 921691.0001, BLL-3191, MH3300, FL307, W1250599, 2P4004, 3134471, MH3301, 98041802, FF516EC, FT4878, AZL083, CV513, DN P554004, LF3379, 103847, 8000239, H200W01, 3130936, ABP N10G LF667, FH139V, LS778, L177, B7600-SS, A219Y, LSF5106, Y03061712, DN P554004, GH27096, 3Y-900X, FL307FP, B76HPG, W11102/4, LFP3191, 10024911, 527631-4, 3Y900, ZP531, Y03725604, 3Y0900, KW-667, DONP554004, SP424, FF517EC, ABU8784, 3A11555, 485GB31916, 28036, LF3675, 1R0739, 85791, 25011932, 6439393, 6439392, 485GB3191A, Y03601712, LF3675FLG, 9004S, QS49A, LF667FLG, 1527499626, 5P1119, 3I1283, PL667, 51791, AF1219, 485GB3191, LF9667FLG, Z182, HPH49A, CAT1R0739, BC1083, PH3191, GL316D, GL312, 953S, DNP554004, L301, GH4900, 9414100547, BT340, KL177, 3Y0900X, CP1032-30,, LS841, B9604, HDO1, GRH27096, Y1018, EFL170, LK97403, 06857, 23-144-00, PF857, 2Y8096, LF327, FP531, L177U, ABP N03 L54004, 485GB4348, FB76, LF3321, LF9667, SY86540, TWDP554004, 4036791, Y03720110, 3Y-0900X, 51791XE, 74036791, Y05008003, AW92, LF531, HDA15003, 1W3300, B7600, 12314400, 2191-P554004, W11102, 40367914, R90, 92658095, ABP N10G LF3675, DO300, PH49A, LF3379FLG, LF667, PER68, PER67, WGL667, 3Y-0900

Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.