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Engine Oil Filters, Spin-On L: 5,79 in, Tread : 1 1/2-16 UN , OD: 4,22 in


Product Overview



Diameter Range 4 to 5 in
Efficiency 99% 40 Micron
Efficiency Test Std ISO 16889
Gasket ID 3.54 in (90 mm)
Gasket OD 3.9 in (99.1 mm)
Length 5.79 in (147.1 mm)
Outer Diameter 4.22 in (107 mm)
Standard Length 5 to 6 in
Style Spin-On
Thread Size 1 1/2-16 UN
Type Full-Flow

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

51742, B134, DONP550784, FL784, L30288, LFP784, P550784, 10027236, 1804442C1, 85742, E3TZ6731A, PH3766, P559127, 1742, 51742, 51742MP, 020503020, 180444C1, 3130925, 35805809T, 3I1207, 484947, 51742MP, 6721532, 6908352, 6934408, 804442C1, 85742MP, 9576P550784, 975205233, 9Y4469, ABPN10GLF3344, C288, C3TZ6731A, CF441, CO784, DNP550784, E2PJ6714AA, E3TZ6431A, EJPJ6714AA, F19, FL784FP, FL784W, G051742, GP3766, HPH3766, HSO108, J8610766, JJPJ6714AA, L205, L205U, L784, LF3344, LF441, LFP170784, LFR82344, LFR83344, LSF5097, MO288, OF1742, OF421, P441, PER288, PF1054, PH3766FP, PH784, PO1742, PZ105, QS3766, S0784, S3766, S56, SDF41, SFO288, SH37, SL30288, SO3344, T081060, T37, T37B, 92742, V288, WGL3344, WLFP784, WO1742, 1742, E288, M1402, P550784, 51742, B134, LFP784, L30288, FL784, DONP550784, C3TZ6731A, ABPN10GLF3344, PO1742, OF421, 6934408, S3766, 85742MP, 9576P550784, PH784, LFP170784, E2PJ6714AA, T37B, 020503020, 9Y4469, SL30288, F19, S56, LF441, T37, HSO108, C288, 6721532, L205U, LFR82344, LF3344, FL784W, 6908352, SFO288, 975205233, G051742, 804442C1, L205, GP3766, E3TZ6431A, J8610766, PF1054, JJPJ6714AA, PH3766FP, L784, CO784, EJPJ6714AA, OF1742, SDF41, 180444C1, CF441, T081060, S0784, 484947, PER288, 3130925, LFR83344, PZ105, 3I1207, P441, SO3344, SH37, DNP550784, 51742MP, LSF5097, HPH3766, FL784FP, QS3766, MO288, 35805809T, 1742, 51742MP, 51742, WLFP784, V288, WGL3344, 92742, WO1742, P559127, 1804442C1, E3TZ6731A, 85742, 10027236, E288, M1402, 1742, PH3766