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Product Overview

For Use on Air Coil(s), Tractor & Trailer. Wrap-Around Connector Plate Provides Additional Strength, Powder-Coated Connector Plate for Corrosion Resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on air coil, tractor and trailer
  • Meets SAE J318 specifications
  • Powder-coated, wrap-around connector plate provides corrosion prevention and additional strength
  • Service and emergency keyed to prevent cross coupling
  • Stainless steal detent plates and connector plates available, please contact customer service
  • Wrap-around connector plate provides additional strength
  • Zinc-coated detent plates and E-coated screws for additional strength and corrosion prevention


Color Blue
Diameter 4 in (10,16 cm)
Material Aluminum
Product Type Gladhands
Quantity 1
Type Standard
UPC 621935085865

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

12-40418, 81-0001-B, GHS, P11452, U27P11452, 035045VEL, 1011STEC, 12-09711-000, 12006-PI, 1297110, 171433, 2022420, 206198, 295459C91, 503155C91, 543373, 544796C91, 548560C91, 701101, 702720, 793043802, 8871135, 891901, 898314, K09651, MID 11452, PHI12006, PHL12-006, PHL12006, PHM 12 006, RC GH11B, X8871135, 1101S, 398C31086, E-9107, N1202BC, N20405PD, N20405PE, N20415PA, FS-313S, 8498-12006, FLTGHBLU, GH015, PH12-006, PHI12-006, 1000-GH11B, 10130457, 101989, 175519, 18571F, 1970016101, 30000040, 441015TRA, 57A8821, 63514C, A1452, AAC44611, ABP N42AGHSS, ACA02471, AKA8549, AWA6999, C9HS2B323A, D8HS2B323BA, D9HD2B323BA, F2HS2B323AA, GH11452, GH11B, GRO 81-0001-B, MAV58084, MBW278850, R950114, SIRA1452, TRS56101, VEL035045, VH3265, WA11452, XC387985, 35006, 35045, 810001B, GHS2, T10042, 12-006