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Product Overview

For Use on Trailers. Wrap-Around Connector Plate Provides Additional Strength, Powder-Coated Connector Plate for Corrosion Resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on trailer
  • Meets SAE J318 specifications
  • Powder-coated, wrap-around connector plate provides corrosion prevention and additional strength
  • Zinc-coated detent plates and E-coated screws for additional strength and corrosion prevention


Color Blue
Material Aluminum
Product Type Gladhands
Type Service
UPC 621935085889

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

12-136, 1213623, GHME, P11440, PHI1213623, U27P11440, 81-0001-38B, 12-136PHM, 12136-PI, 35106, 36161, 700-29-480, 85106766, 9217TEC, GT-5317, PHI12136, PHL12136, PHM 12 136, RC GH21AB, N20405VB, N20405VC, N20405VD, FS-319S, GH023, GLBGT-5317, PH12-136, TRS36161, 1000-GH21AB, 8498-12136, A1440, ABP N42AGHAS, GH11440, GH21AB, HAL11440, MBR011440, PHL12-136, TEW9217, 35092, 35136, 4188017, 81000138B, PHI1213623, 81-0001-38B, 12-136, U27P11440, GHME, P11440, 1213623, GLBGT-5317, FS-319S, PH12-136, GH023, TRS36161, GH11440, 1000-GH21AB, HAL11440, PHL12-136, MBR011440, GH21AB, TEW9217, A1440, 8498-12136, ABP N42AGHAS, 35092, 35136, 81000138B, 4188017, PHL12136, PHM 12 136, 85106766, PHI12136, GT-5317, RC GH21AB, 700-29-480, 9217TEC, 36161, 12-136PHM, 12136-PI, 35106, N20405VB, N20405VD, N20405VC, 13010007, 13016009, 9217, PA10408, ROS13016009, SLH13000007, SLH13010007