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Hydraulic, Cartridge L: 38,9 in, OD: 3,79 in, ID: 2,17 in



Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency Beta 1000 12 Micron
Efficiency Beta 1000 (Micron) 12 Micron
Inner Diameter 2.17 in (55.2 mm)
Length 38.9 in (988.1 mm)
Outer Diameter 3.79 in (96.27 mm)
Overall Length 38.91 in (988.4 mm)
Standard Length 38 to 39 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

2065955, 933264Q, 933265Q, H8067, H940039010BN, H940039010BNV, HC9400FDS39H, HC9400FDS39Z, HC9400FKS39H, HC9400FKS39Z, HC9400FUS39H, HC9400FUS39Z, HF30346, HF7062, HP94L3912MB, HP94L3912MV, MP3911, R940H3912H, SBF-9400-39Z10B, SBF-9400-39Z10V, SBF9400-39Z10B, SBF9400-39Z10V, SBF940039S7, SBF940039S7B, SP250E010B, P566457, 02065955, 11039D12BN, 11039D12BNV, 15113912, 15113912V, 2940L12B39, 2940L12V39, 3940GGHB39, 3940GGHV39, 76119952, 8940DGKB39, 8940DGKV39, 8940L12B39, 8940L12V39, 933265, A912348, A912351, BE94003912A, BE94003912AV, D624G10, DT94003914UM, FD624G10, FD624G10V, H940039010BN3, H940039010BN3V, HC9400FCS39H, HC9400FCS39Z, HC9400FMS39H, HC9400FMS39Z, KMP9400A12B39, KMP9400A12V39, LH95031, LH95031V, MP5417, P0383903D71B, P0383903S71, P164561, P164562, P9400D39N10NBR, P94200KFB, P94200KFV, R928016923, R928016939, R940H3912A, SBF940039S7V, SBF940039Z10B, SBF940039Z10V, SP250E10V