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Hydraulic, Cartridge L: 5,3 in, OD: 4,61 in, ID: 2,19 in


Product Overview



Application JOHN DEERE AR75603
Diameter Range 4 to 5 in
Efficiency Beta 2 2 Micron
Efficiency Beta 20 35 Micron
Inner Diameter 2.19 in (55.7 mm)
Length 5.3 in (134.7 mm)
Outer Diameter 4.61 in (116.9 mm)
Standard Length 5 to 6 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

3I1329, 9Y4517, AR75603, C1707, C1721, CH331PL, HF6079, LF630, LF721, P346, PT87, PT87HD, PT87S, 103861, 103948, 2191-P555603, 5574653, 6437008, 6438432, 70000-14645, 85147, 88206B, 92096717, 9613329, AC3102, AC3182, AM34670, AR1205R, AR1400, AR1400R, AR20072R, AR21777R, AR28072, AR28072R, AR28271, AR28271R, AR75601, AR75606, AT34670, AT45455, AT670, AT75603, AZL033, CAP324, CAP435, DN P555603, DN P555603, DONP555603, E14057, EP30, EP30HD, FA4995, FF137, FIL1147, FL90, FP325B, G331, G569, G952, H1263/1, H30030, HEM6041, HY 9570, L109, L630A, LF325, LK3066, MD-333, ML380, P325B, P331, PF338, PF359, PM331, WGH6079, 1499577, 303483630, 325A, 4915151, 5148, 574281, 7000014645, 73327637, 92147, AP3066, AP3066A, AR26350, AR26350R, AR75303, AR756033, AR757601, AR757603, CLAR1400, CPK1504, CW142MP, DNP555603, E57HD116, EA289, FA30, FH281, G331M, H12631, H7601, HFR86079, JDR1400RFF, JDRQ1400RFF, L630, LFR8630, LFR8721, LP331, LP346, MT30, OX4, P325A, PL180, PM212, R183, R2066P, R2066P1MP, R2066PB, S174CP, S30, SH56129, SRPJD3, SRPJD4, TF9, TJ6204A4, LP30, P212, P268, P325, VPK1504, WAR1400R, 1147, 51147, 657, 692