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Hydraulic, Cartridge L: 7,17 in, OD: 3,72 in, ID: 1,9 in


Product Overview


Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.


Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency Beta 1000 12 Micron
Inner Diameter 1.9 in (48.3 mm)
Length 7.17 in (182.2 mm)
Outer Diameter 3.72 in (94.49 mm)
Overall Length 7.67 in (194.9 mm)
Standard Length 7 to 8 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

DONP170618, 01262993, 0330 R010 BN3HC, 0330R010BN, 0330R010BN4HC, 0330R010BNHC, 2055592, ER332B2C10, HC2246FKS6H, HC2246FKS6Z, HF28658, HF28658FLG, HP33RNL812MB, HP33RNL812MV, PR3309, RE090E10B, RE090G10B, RE090G10B2, RE090G10V, RE090G10V2, RHR330G10B, RHR330G10V, SBF-0330R-Z10B, SBF0330R-Z10B, SBF0330R-Z10V, SBF0330RZ10V, SF330RN-8-12UM, ST1265, 0330R010BN3HC, P566983, 020330R10VG30HCSP, 020330R10VG30HCSV, 0330EAR122F1, 0330EAR122N1, 0330R010BN3HCV, 0330R010BN4HCV, 0330R010BN4HCVSO103H, 0330R010BNHC2, 0330R010BNHCV, 0330R010ON, 0330R010ONV, 0330R010ONVSO103H, 0330R010PHC, 0330R010PHCV, 1108722, 1262997, 14720812, 14720812V, 2056335, 2063472, 2066519, 2067062, 2067426, 2077332, 307302, 30730210VG, BE330R12A43, BE330R12A43V, DC330CA10ANPXX, DK270A010ANCP01, DK270A010ANCPXX, DT0330R14UM, ER332B2P10, ER332V2C10, FRHR330G10B, FRHR330N10B, H0330R012EB3, H0330R012EB3V, H330R10N, HC2238FCS6H, HC2238FCS6Z, HC2238FDS6H, HC2238FDS6Z, HC2238FKS6H, HC2238FKS6Z, HC2238FMS6H, HC2238FMS6Z, HC2238FUS6H, HC2238FUS6Z, HC2246FCS6H, HC2246FCS6H50, HC2246FCS6Z, HC2246FCS6Z50