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Hydraulic, Cartridge L: 8,1 in, OD: 5,97 in, ID: 4,1 in



Diameter Range 5 to 6 in
Efficiency Beta 1000 5 Micron
Efficiency Beta 1000 (Micron) 5 Micron
Inner Diameter 4.1 in (104.2 mm)
Length 8.1 in (205.8 mm)
Outer Diameter 5.97 in (151.4 mm)
Standard Length 8 to 9 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

02060533, 1.06.08D03BN, 927663Q, E0411B2C03, HC8300FDP8H, HC8300FDP8Z, HC8300FKP8H, HC8300FKP8Z, HC8300FUP8H, HC8300FUP8Z, HP83L83MB, HP83L83MV, R830H0803A, SBF8300-8Z3V, SBF83008Z3V, Y0803LN, P566235, 0583003VG10BV8, 10608D03BN, 10608D03BNV, 15020803, 15020803V, 2830L03B08, 2830L03V08, 3065313VG, 3830DGCB08, 3830DGCV08, 386014011C, 386014014C, 76119556, 8830DGDB08, 8830DGDV08, 8830L03V08, 927664Q, 927862Q, 933773, A911001, A912040, A912043, DT830085UM, E0410B1U03, E0410V1U03, E0411V2C03, FC1301F003BS, FC1301F003VS, FC1301F003XS, FC1301Q003BS, FC1301Q003VS, FC1301Q003XS, FFPAVL11132A3ABS, FR430G03, FR430G03V, H83008003BN3, H83008003BN3V, HC8300FCP8H, HC8300FCP8Z, HC8300FMP8H, HC8300FMP8Z, HF7000F, KM830083, KMP8300A03B08, KMP8300A03V08, MP5195, P167834, P8300D08N3NBR, R430G03V, R830H0803H, R928016688, R928016700, R928016712, R928016724, SBF83008S1V, SBF83008Z3B, SH87018V, SP100E03B, SP100E03V, LH95033, LH95033V, V0411B2L03, V0411V2C03, V0411V2L03, V0411V2V03