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Lube Filter Spin-On Full Flow 5.35 in.


Product Overview

Interchanges & Equivalent parts: 4530702, 9L9200, WGH6065, PH2995, HF6457, LFP-791, L30054, 3A11653, LFP791, 7722374, LF352, 103843, 6439531, 1046Z544, PH791, P775, HDO12, QS36, 9L9054, HF6065, PF898, PF933, GP36, BT274, 1088209M91, 527631-6, P16552A, H411272, PER54-01, P725, 51261, 49-2500, PL654, 3I1332, BT364, C9TZ6731A, C9TZ6731B, DN P555680, 45307022, CV338, 1R0734, 643955, 752012, P16551A, DONP555680, PF712, 4530702-2, LF3788FLG,, 303119475, HSM6083, 39446489, X12, 4020588, LF3788, 85261,, PH36, 74530702, HF775, P16554A, 9N5690, FH36, 1261, FL223FP, C9DZ6731A, 0001350-5269, FL223, FF307EC, 25011230, 530824R1, 530824R2, 319, 6438122, Z66, A32297, P16553A, 9N5680, P1655, HF6500E, MF45702A, 8888840, C0950546, 25011124, 9N1000, 51453, BC1065, LF681, 70203C1, FF394EC, AW5, 3116609R91, DN P555680, GG170-16722, MH354, PH36A, LF654, D151, WGL654, HDA15002, PER54, WGH6080, HF6080, 003513498806, L151, P352, HF6361, L52, SP856, HF725, 725859M91, 0-451-104-066, PHM36, 25010133, PF33, 2191-P555680, BT452, FP352, 44791, B0150157510

Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.