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Lube Spin-On Full Flow


Product Overview

Interchanges & Equivalent parts: LFP6241, DN P555616, H675616, FL303, 1808896C1, BT261, PH675, BBU5555, DN P555616, 675616C91, L191, U8801, 9357, LF3919, LF3560FLG, D122926, FL772, 4178830, 05715209C8602, QS40, PH39FP, PER88, LF361, L182, 3130943, LF3307, LF3307FLG, PL3316, GP69, B299, WGL3307, DONP555616, PH40, P88, 51784MP, FL772FP, 51784, L4217497, LF3316, 51789, 675646C91, 15209-C8602, 6438850, LF3919FLG, B299JAB, LF744, LF3316FLG, LF3559FLG, WGL3420, 85784, LF3421, 9610-1619, LF3420, PH39, 9Y4489, A75294, L300, A184775, H1808896, 51789MP, PER88-01, LF3420FLG, A58672, LF3559, TWDP555616, 2191-P555616, LF719, 1808946C1, PF856, WGL3316, 675606C91, LF3560, D120303, 97101619, 1811953C1, L-40, 675617C91, PH7500, L283, 967S, AZL334, Z124A, L40087, FIL1784, 381-675-6171, LK3254, 3131420, FP361, 9Y4476, LUBLF3420, HDO9, ABP N10G LF3316, PF856L, 3I-1330, 9Y4482, 6439462, P361, 6439461

Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.