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Shock Absorber - Gas Series 60 - Rear


Product Overview

The Monroe Gas-Magnum 60 Shock Absorber Offers Comprehensive Coverage For Hard-Working Trucks From Class 3 To 6. The Monroe Gas-Magnum 60 Shock Absorber Is Gas-Charged For Quicker Respnse And A Stable, More Cofortable Ride. Replacing Worn-out Units With H

Features & Benefits

  • The Gas-Series 60 Shock Absorber Is Gas-Charged For Quicker Response & A Stable, More Comfortable Ride. Replacing Worn-Out Units w/ Hard-Working Gas-Series 60 Shocks Can Help Reduce Excessive Vibration.
  • Multi-Lip Fluid Seal Designed For Smooth Performance, Long Life & Reduced Friction.
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged: For Improved Ride & Handling, Helps Maintain Tire To Road Contact By Reducing Aeration - On Most Applications


Compressed Length 13.375 in.
Dust Shield Yes
Dust Shield Diameter (MM) Yes
Extended Length 2 in.
Lower Mount LS54
Parts Pack None
Shock Compressed Length 13.375 in.
Shock Dust Shield Yes
Shock Extended Length 2 in.
Shock Lower Mounting Code LS54
Shock Parts Pack Part # None
Shock Travel Length 6.625 in.
Shock Upper Mounting Code LS54
Upper Mount LS54
VMRS Code 016-008-003

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

660130, 66636, 90044642, 90044689, CHA665174, E-83204, E-85008, E-85029, M66636, S2212, 1013760000, 1083204, 3166287, 3171459, 3178165, 3197642, 3919915, 4940610, 50827, 5521698, 5521699, E85060