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Spring Brake 3030, 2.50 in Stroke, Push Rod 7.85 in


Product Overview

This part will fit if you were looking for these: 3030C, 3030TN2D-C, 3430051, 3431051, 5007132, 801300, BEN802708, GC3030, GC3030C, GC3030S7CW, NT3030STD-78TC, NT3030STD120, PLCTS-3030, PLETS-3030, 800831, BEN5007132, BEN800831, BENT3030ST, BT3030TC, ELSB3030, LC3030, NT3030STD78

Features & Benefits

  • HD Plus by TSE
  • Only the highest quality materials & workmanship attainable in the industry.
  • Available in service chambers, complete with parking brakes, or piggybacks.
  • Meets all SAEJ14659 air actuator procedures.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications in function, form & fit.