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Spirax S6 AXRME 75W90 Hydraulic Fluid - 18.9 L
Shell Spirax S6 AXRME is a fuel-efficient axle fluid, designed to provide ultimate protection to the latest heavy-duty axles that call for an API GL-5 type product. Specially formulated with synthetic base oils and additive technology that provides improved lubrication of the drive train, lowers the operating temperature and helps promote longer life for the equipment.
Specifications Dana Shaes-256 Rev C, Navistar MPAPS B-6816, and API GL-5, MT-1, among others. For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult the Shell Technical Desk.
Recommended Transmission Type Drive axles in heavy-duty on highway trucks. For a full listing of transmission types, please consult the Shell Technical Desk.
Sub Brand Spirax S6 AXRME
Grade 75W90
Features & Benefits
  • Fuel efficient formulation
  • Less lubricant usage
  • Longer equipment life
  • Longer oil drain capability