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Shock Absorber - Gas Series 60 - Rear
The NAPA Gas-Series 60 Shock Absorber Is Gas-Charged For Quicker Response & A Stable, More Comfortable Ride. Replacing Worn-Out Units w/ Hard-Working Gas-Series 60 Shocks Can Help Reduce Excessive Vibration.
Extended Length 17.453
Lower Mount LS54
Shock Compressed Length 11.938 in.
Shock Dust Shield Yes
Shock Extended Length 17.453 in.
Shock Lower Mounting Code LS54
Shock Travel Length 5.515 in.
Upper Mount LS54
Compressed Length 11.938
Dust Shield Yes
Parts Pack None
Shock Parts Pack Part # None
Shock Upper Mounting Code LS54
Features & Benefits
  • Multi-Lip Fluid Seal Designed For Smooth Performance, Long Life & Reduced Friction
  • 1-3/8 Inch (34.9 mm) Bore (On Most Applications)
  • 5/8"" (15.9 mm) Diameter Piston Rod (On Most Applications)
  • Resistance & Arc-Welded Mounts, Provide 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg) Of Tensile Strength For Maximum Durability (On Most Applications)
  • Patented Unique Hydraulic Rebound Lockout (When Required)
  • 10-Stage Full Displaced Valving (On Most Applications)
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged: For Improved Ride & Handling, Helps Maintain Tire To Road Contact By Reducing Aeration.
  • 2"" Or 2-3/8"" (50.8 mm Or 60.3 mm) Reserve Tube (Where Required)