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Air Spring - 1 Solid Sleeve - 1T - Reversible Sleeve - 1T19L-11


Product Overview

Interchanges & Equivalent parts: FIRW01-358-9122, S-3830, TURB12514-008, REAW013589122, 90557185, 90557020, 1000-AS9122, FLT1R13038, 352-9122AG, 352-9122, GTK-358-9122, AS9122, B3467, W01-358-9152, B-12514-010, TR9122, S-3467, 11.10.5-21A313, 90557071, AS PR11L21 9122, 90557076, W01-358-8868, WACAS0023, 057965-002, B12514008, 1R13-038, AS-8313, 90557077, W013589122, 1003589122C, W013588792, FS9122, FLTA1R13038, 9122, W01-358-8792, 3040-W013589122, 905-57-077, 3918336, 8313, TWDW013589122, AS-0023, B-12514-008, 057920-002L, AS0023, RC AS9122, FIR9122, 1288302, P50-732, ZAGA9122, 653513-01, 1R14-045, 12883-02, G2298792400, FI W01 358 9122, 1 D 28 C-9122, FSIW013589122, AGA9122, S3830, 15616, TAS9122, B3830


Air Spring Air Fitting Size Combination Stud/Air Inlet Stud Outside Thread is 3/4-16 ; Studs Inside Thread (Air Inlet) is 1/4 N.P.T.
Air Spring Compressed Height 8.8 in.
Air Spring # of Lobes 1 Solid Sleeve
Air Spring Type 1T - Reversible Sleeve
Bead Plate (Top) & Deflated Bellows O.D. 11.31 and 10.62 in.
Bead Plate (Top) Mounting Bolts Dimension Center to Center 5.50 in.
Diameter 10.62 in.
Extended Height Deflated 27.3 in.
Finished Weight 22 lbs
Piston (Bottom) Mounting Bolt Dimensions Center to Center 7.88 in.
Piston Height 7 in.
Bead Plate Top Diameter 11.31 in.
Bead Plate Bottom Diameter 10.3 in.
Application Holland (Neway) 90557071, Holland (Neway) 90557076,Holland (Neway) 90557185 (parallel align.), Holland (Neway) 90557185 (parallel align.), Temisko, Ridewell 1003589122C, Sauer P50-732, Reyco 12883-02, Porcupine, Hendrickson Can. B-12514-010, Holland (Neway) 90557077
Assembled Product Weight (lb) 24.7
Bellows 1T19L-11
Bottom Bead Plate Hardware Key 4 x Threaded Hole 3/8-16 Blind Nut on Bead Plates 1/2-13 in Pistons
Design Height (in.) 14.5-18.5
Loading Capacity at 20 psig 1,760 lbsf
Loading Capacity at 60 psig 5,280 lbsf
Loading Capacity at 90 psig 7,920 lbsf
Maximum Diameter 13.7
Minimum Jounce Height (in.) 8.88
Natural Frequency Hz
Operating Temperature (Deg C) 57 to -54
Top Bead Plate Hardware Key Bold or Stud 1/2-13

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured to Meet or Exceed O.E.M. Specifications in Function, Form & Fit.
  • Today, Airide Springs are Used by Practically All Manufacturers Who Offer Air Ride Suspensions on Their Vehicles.
  • Airide Springs Were Pioneered & Perfected by Firestone, and Only Firestone Offers a Complete Line of Airide Springs.