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Brake Drum - 16.5 in. x 7 in. Brake Size - 10 Bolt Holes - For Truck & Trailer Application


Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured to Meet or Exceed O.E.M. Specifications in Function, Form & Fit
  • Our higher carbon steel shell is precision formed in a single piece which, unlike two-piece welded shells, shows improved ridigity and is less prone to cracking
  • Not only is the patented forming process unique, but we've also added knurling to the interior of the shell to provide the best fusion between the shell and grey iron
  • KIC has improved on the existing centrifugal casting process by utilizing our patented dual layer technology
  • By pouring a thinner initial layer, the cast iron fuses to the steel better than the competition's drums
  • Better fusion means optimal thermal transfer during braking and improved strength
  • Higher carbon steel shell with patented knurled design and three layer technology
  • All drums are balanced to TMC recommended standards
  • Rated to 23,000 lbs. Capacity

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

53-123537-002, 53123537002, 89996B, MWC89996B