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Engine Oil, Cartridge L: 17,76 in, OD: 6,74 in, ID: 2,48 in



Diameter Range 6 to 7 in
Efficiency 99% 40 Micron
Inner Diameter 2.48 in (63 mm)
Length 17.76 in (451.2 mm)
Outer Diameter 6.74 in (171 mm)
Standard Length 17 to 18 in
Style Cartridge
Type Sock

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

2191-P552414, 51874, 85874, DN P552414, DN P552414, DONP552414, LF518, P552414, 1874, 51874, CW1874, 172607, 172607A, 1874, 2075EC, 2075EC1, 2075ECW, 2075ECW1, 2075ECX2, 22075EC, 22075ECF, 673374, 82480A, 86183F, 88129B, 92874, CL1874T, CW1874, EW1874, EW1875, F1874T, FL141, FL571, FS1874T, HD146, L16, L60146, LFR8518, MPL700, PL148, PM298, Q1874T, QEX1874T, QSC340, S202, S298, SRP1931E, G40, V1874T, W1874T, WE1874FF, WGL518, 790, L60146, PM298, FS1874T, 22075EC, 673374, 172607A, 22075ECF, CW1874, F1874T, FL141, 2075EC1, 172607, 82480A, 88129B, 2075ECX2, Q1874T, QSC340, 2075ECW, PL148, 86183F, LFR8518, SRP1931E, EW1875, CL1874T, S298, 2075ECW1, QEX1874T, FL571, MPL700, 92874, HD146, L16, S202, 1874, 2075EC, EW1874, CW1874, 51874, 1874, V1874T, W1874T, WGL518, WE1874FF, G40, P552414, DN P552414, 2191-P552414, DONP552414, LF518, 51874, DN P552414, 85874, 790, PMS298, 148, WD148, CLWS1873, CLWS1873T, CP1874T, CPS1874T, EX1874T, LF552414