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Engine Oil, Cartridge L: 4,81 in, OD: 4,97 in, ID: 0,79 in


Product Overview


Interchanges & Equivalent parts: 3I1629, 5575823, OX86, LI389, R1E, 88053A, CAP305, DN P551014, LF119, D6NN6744A, AC1373, PF292, C47P, FB3395, WGL550, DDPN6731A, LF550, C5TE6744A, FF263CS, 3I-1629, G5000, CH14PL, 8023395, FL24, LK615, DBPN-6731-A, 103815, FP9413, E7NN6744AA, AZL053, DN P551014, 92027217, P169, C1TZ6731C, L81, PM14, 6435035, MD-323, FF469, 1837145, DONP551014, FFP10112, P47, D6NN6714A, CH14, CFPN6731B, QSC14, 2191-P551014, 85279, B9AE-6731-A, C6TE-6744-C, CFPN6731A, 605400350002, DDPB-6731-A, PF839, P114, DGPN6731A, CW272M, D552A, L552, D14, FIL1279, EDL6744A, 1818893, LF550FLG, B8QH-6731-A, MD081, MO187, 51272, G823, H1260X, 500464, 51279, GP823, L30169, EDL6744A2


Diameter Range 4 to 5 in
Length 4.81 in (122.2 mm)
Outer Diameter 4.97 in (126 mm)
Standard Length 4 to 5 in
Style Cartridge
Application FORD C5TE6744A
Efficiency 99% 40 Micron
Inner Diameter 0.79 in (20.1 mm)
Primary Application FORD C5TE6744A