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Fuel Filter, Cartridge L: 3,39 in, OD: 2,75 in, ID: 0,81 in


Product Overview



Application CHRYSLER 5037896
Diameter Range 2 to 3 in
Efficiency Test Std SAE J1985
Inner Diameter 0.81 in (20.6 mm)
Length 3.39 in (86.2 mm)
Outer Diameter 2.75 in (69.85 mm)
Standard Length 3 to 4 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

C11846PL, CW194MP, PF873, C11816PL, C11816, FF144, CW186MP, PF816S, C11816BPL, C11846, L23F, CANP101, LK149, FC723, DC7590, EFG10, FA4167, N11816, GR6169991, ABU8554, P128, FNC163, EPN99167B, AG1015, FIL3194, FL135, GP185, P8.10X, P824, P25F, CANP104, PM11816, PM4180, P139, DC7085, G11816M, P162A, LB605304A, MFF149A, LK58, C2TA9150A, R2004P, CANP107, FA4174, DN P551167, AZF012, FD29, PF144, F50025, MP400P, C414, BMC17, F787, EFG1, FF144FLG, D29, E1ADKN-99162-B, E1ADKN-99162-C, KX21, FC701, C7TZ9365B, C2TZ9365A, C2TZ9155B, FA4167A, AP149, EK449, MD097, EPN99162A, DXTC25F, N11846, DONP551167, PF816-S, PM99162B, C301, FF23, AFL135, G1001, 1, P551167, AB1015, ACD61, AZF011FUEL, B605304A, C11816M, C2TA9150B, C7TF9365B, D15, D21, DDN99162C, E1ADDN99162A, E1ADKN99162A, E1ADKN99162B, E1ADKN99162C, E1DDN99162B, EIADDN9155A, EIADDN99162B, ELADKN99162A, ELG5303, EPN96162B, EPN99162B, F1901, F57265, FD77, FE20100, FFP10505, FFR8144, FG26, FIDDN99162B, KX21D, KX43, MF39, MP400, MP403, MP506, N9209, P810, P810X, P99162B, S206CP, SN158, V836010944, WGF144, WMF58A