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Fuel Filter, Cartridge L: 4 in, OD: 3,56 in, ID: 0,66 in



Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency 50% 7 Micron
Efficiency Test Std SAE J1985
Emulsified H2O Efficiency 95 Percent
Inner Diameter 0.69 in (175 mm)
Length 4 in (10.16 cm)
Outer Diameter 3-9/16 in (9.04 cm)
Standard Length 4 to 5 in
Style Cartridge
Type Water Separator

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

33517, 33517MP, 33817, 33817MP, 3817, 3I2103, C57715, CS7715, FS1298, L3580F, L4595F, PF7578, PF7678, 10024928, 1822631C91, 2191-P550966, 3517, 86817, ABP N10G FS1298, DN P550966, DN P550966, DONP550966, F4TZ9N184A, F55055, FD4595, FD4595A, FF1004, FF1104, FIL3517, FS1298FLG, PDF55055, 3517MP, 86517, 86517MP, 9576P550966, ABPN10GFS1298, F4TZ9N184B, FS749, FSR81298, GF7715, R31, SN40518, TP1297, GF203, 54070, INF4595, 3817, 33517MP, PF7578, PF7678, CS7715, 33817, L4595F, L3580F, C57715, 33817MP, 3I2103, 33517, FS1298, 86517, TP1297, F4TZ9N184B, ABPN10GFS1298, 3517MP, SN40518, 9576P550966, 86517MP, FSR81298, R31, GF7715, FS749, GF203, F4TZ9N184A, DONP550966, DN P550966, FF1004, ABP N10G FS1298, 2191-P550966, PDF55055, F55055, FD4595, DN P550966, 1822631C91, FD4595A, 10024928, FF1104, FS1298FLG, 3517, FIL3517, 86817, 54070, INF4595, PFF4595, 95517, FF4031, FF785, FS550966