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Fuel Filter, Cartridge L: 6,32 in, OD: 3,4 in, ID: 1,1 in


Product Overview



Application CATERPILLAR 4H8792
Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency 99% 10 Micron
Efficiency Test Std SAE J1985
Inner Diameter 1.1 in (28 mm)
Length 6.32 in (160.6 mm)
Outer Diameter 3.4 in (86.36 mm)
Standard Length 6 to 7 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

3189, 364F, 5L7564, 5M0473, 5M0476, 5M0953, 5S5144, 8H0835, 8H835, C1116PL, C11661, C11661PL, C11662PL, C11663PL, C11664PL, C1166PL, FF116, 102614, 1046Z102, 1046Z47, 12661500, 1R0724, 1S-6811, 1W2130, 2191-P558792, 26-615-00, 2F800G, 2F800H, 33181, 3F800G, 3I-1379, 4F800G, 4H-8860, 4H8792, 4L-6777, 4L-6778, 4S5368, 5574787, 5L-2772, 5M-0473, 5M-0476, 5M-0953, 6H5931, 6H5932, 7H-0833, 83125A, 83125B, 83125C, 83125D, 83125J, 86189, 88255A, 88255B, 88255C, 88255D, 88255E, 88255J, 8H-0671, 8H-4825, 8M5388, 8M8641, 8M9641, 92017917, 9H0537, 9H1252, 9H4537, 9H4729, 9H8792, 9M9641, AZF045, CANP9208, CP9H4729P, DN P558792, DN P558792, DONP558792, EN331, EP21, EP210, EP21A, EP21B, F60021, F800, F800G, F800H, FA4249, FD159, FD264, FD265, FD266, FF1117, FF116FLG, FF937, FFP10513, FIL3189, FL159, G1021, G1166, G528, G528X3, G528X4, GC1166, HDA16019, KX11, LK464, MD067, MG054, MP415, P934, PB0504, PF116, PF823, PF823-E, PM-1166, TP542, WGF116, 547392, 547393, 574392, 574393, 59057, 5L2772, 5M473, 5M476, 5M953, 69009269, 6935111, 6H5932M, 7H0833, 7H833, 86180, 86181, 86187, 86188, 86641, 8H0671, 8H4825, 8H5148, 8M7S2S, 9, 8H835, C11664PL, C1116PL, 5S5144, FF116, 3189, C1166PL, 5M0476, 364F, 8H0835, C11662PL, C11661PL, 5M0473, C11661, C11663PL, 5M0953, 5L7564, PF823E, FF900, 86188, DNP558792, PF210, 69009269, CP6H5931, AG1022, FF2102, P934A, FC21, 5M953, 547392, SN116, FFP513, 95188, 998455R91, R2059P, PF824, CP6H5931P, PM6H5931, 5M476, CP9H4729, LP364F, SRP1166, 9H4565, P4H8792, 7H0833, 8H0671, S107CP, CP4H8792, FG395, 6H5932M, 86187, Q9H4729, PM9H4729, 8H5148, EP21C, 59057, 86641, SN179, 5M473, D2NP558792, 8H4825, P162, G033181, F5501, 6935111, FG88, 8M7S2S, CW189MP, P9H4729, 95180, S149CP, CP4H5642, APFP4641C, 574392, L364F, 574393, APFP4641A, R2054P, 9H4729M, Q6H5931, SRP11662F, SRP11661F, 998454R91, FFR8116, P6H5931, FG393, FE21010, PF226, MTC21, G1166M, J8620792, KC11, FD88, Q4H8792, AP464, 95641, MP415P, PM4H8792, 86180, 9576P558792, MPL308, D128F, 547393, 9L25, 998453R91, A16019, PF253, CW181MP, KFF0231014, 7H833, S147CP, APFP4641B, CW642MP, PF250, 86181, PF829, L364F1, CP4H8792P, R2059PA, SFF8792, 5L2772, PC1166, E73KP, C318, APFP4641D, FG392, PF223F, SRP11664F, W4S5368P, WF4H8792, W6H5931P, W9H4729, W4H8792PB, W5, 488, 3641, 9057, SK3417, PC116, PC4H8792, 33641, 33642, 551819, 502, P6H5932, P9H1252, 210, 253, FF210, FF253, DC8516, DXC21, G10212, NH131, GP528, CPL1166, PM1166, W4H8972, W4HW5L8792, W57564P, W5L7564, W6H5932P, W6H5961P, W9H1252, W9H1252P, N1166, D128, 689044, FF558792, 811482