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Fuel Filters Kit L: 11,1 in, OD: 7,8 in


Product Overview


Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.


Diameter Range 7 to 8 in
Efficiency 99% 4 Micron
Length 11.1 in (282 mm)
Outer Diameter 7.8 in (198.12 mm)
Standard Length 11 to 12 in

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

A4720900651, A4720900551, FK13834, PF9908KIT, WF10103, A4720900451, FK13850NN, 4720900451, 600103, 96518, A4700903151, A4710900555, A4710900855, A4710909052, A4730900151, A4730900451, FF1227, KX2765, KX2765KIT, KX4001KIT, L5104F, PF9908, P551063, L5104F, PF9908KIT, WF10103, FK13834, 600103, FK13850NN, PF9908, 331396, A4720900551, A4720900651, A4710900555, A4730900451, KX4001KIT, A4710909052, FF1227, A4700903151, L5104F, PF9908, 600103, A4710900855, 96518, KX2765, KX2765KIT, 4720900451, A4730900151, PF9908KIT, FK13834, WF10103, FK13834, L5104F, PF9908KIT, P551063, FK13850NN, WF10103, 600103, PF9908, FK13850NN, A4720900451, 331396, KN70437, SF10103, MX925240