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Fuel/Water Separator, Spin-On L: 4,02 in, Tread : 1-14 UN , OD: 4,38 in



Application FORD E8TZ9N184A
Diameter Range 4 to 5 in
Efficiency 50% 10 Micron
Efficiency Test Std SAE J1985
Emulsified H2O Efficiency 95 Percent
Length 4-1/32 in (10.24 cm)
Notes Not for Marine Applications
Outer Diameter 4-3/8 in (11.1 cm)
Standard Length 4 to 5 in
Style Spin-On
Thread Size 1-14 UN
Type Water Separator

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

3217, 3I1210, 3I1672, 51704, BF1222, BF1222SF, BF1222SP, BF1229, BF1230, FF5151, FS1278, FS1281, LFF5824B, LFF5824U, PS6554, PS6554A, PS8132, 1813104C91, 1816568C91, 2191-P553375, 33215, 33217, 33217MP, 3I-1672, 86217, ABP N10G FS1281, BF1222-O, BF1222-SP, DN P553375, DN P553375, DONP553375, E8TZ9N1844, E8TZ9N184A, F2TZ9N184A, F2TZ9N184AA, F54692, FD3375, FD829, FF1039, FF1039SP, FF860, FIL3217, FS1281FLG, FS242, LFF5824, LFF829, PDF54692, PF4535, R42, TP1251, 3217MP, 86215, 86217MP, 95217, 95217MP, 95417, 95617, 9576P553375, ABPN10GFS1281, BF1222O, F54535, FD8290, FFR85151, FS242R, FS342, FSR81278, FSR81281, J8621375, PF4692, SN55003, 16Z09, 1809623C1, 280323, 52296878, DNP553375, WGFS1222, WGFS1278, 95215, INF829B, 3I1210, LFF5824U, PS6554A, 3217, BF1222SP, FS1278, 51704, PS6554, BF1222SF, FS1281, BF1222, FF5151, PS8132, BF1230, 3I1672, LFF5824B, BF1229, F54535, FD8290, FFR85151, FS242R, ABPN10GFS1281, SN55003, 95617, J8621375, PF4692, 86217MP, FSR81278, FSR81281, 95417, 3217MP, 95217, BF1222O, 9576P553375, 86215, FS342, 95217MP, DNP553375, 52296878, WGFS1278, WGFS1222, 16Z09, 1809623C1, 280323, FF1039SP, DN P553375, TP1251, DN P553375, 86217, 33217, FIL3217, LFF5824, FS242, R42, FD3375, BF1222-O, F2TZ9N184AA, LFF829, F54692, 2191-P553375, FF860, 33215, E8TZ9N184A, FS1281FLG, FD829, 1813104C91, DONP553375, FF1039, F2TZ9N184A, E8TZ9N1844, BF1222-SP, 1816568C91, 3I-1672, ABP N10G FS1281, 33217MP, PF4535, PDF54692, INF829B, 95215, 3215, AS1230, PFF829B, SK3658, BR45P, 688776, FF553375, FS553375