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Fuel/Water Separator, Spin-On L: 6,86 in, Tread : 1-14 UN , OD: 3,66 in


Features & Benefits

  • Donaldson has the technical expertise, superior customer support and vast network of locations around the world to meet your toughest needs - from initial system design through replacement products.


Diameter Range 3 to 4 in
Efficiency Test Std ISO 19438
Gasket ID 2.44 in (62 mm)
Gasket OD 2.83 in (71.9 mm)
Length 6.86 in (174.3 mm)
Outer Diameter 3.66 in (92.97 mm)
Standard Length 6 to 7 in
Style Spin-On
Thread Size 1-14 UN
Type Secondary

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

1R0750, 1R0763, 33528, 33528MP, 3528MP, BF7633, BF7637, CAT1R0750, FF5320, H39BF7633, LFF3347, P8334, 1R-0750, 2191-P551313, 33528NP, 364300-007, 86528, 86528MP, ABP N03 F51313, ABP N10G FF5320, BLL-3347, DN P551313, DN P551313, DNP551313, DONP551313, FF1079, FF33528, FF5320FLG, FIL3528, SY86356, 32K6200400, 35310549, 45487, 51914349, 95356, ABPN10GFF5320, CB01405912, F346, F398, F65213, FC5507, FF1171, FFR85245, FFR85320, H172WK, J8620313, SFF1313, SN55419, WDK9501, WGF5245, 3528, 95528, 3528MP, LFF3347, P8334, FF5320, 33528MP, 1R0750, 33528, BF7633, 1R0763, CAT1R0750, BF7637, H39BF7633, F346, F398, 32K6200400, 51914349, FF1171, SN55419, CB01405912, F65213, SFF1313, 45487, FFR85320, 95356, 35310549, FFR85245, H172WK, ABPN10GFF5320, FC5507, J8620313, WGF5245, WDK9501, FF5320FLG, SY86356, DN P551313, BLL-3347, FF1079, FIL3528, FF33528, DN P551313, ABP N03 F51313, 1R-0750, DNP551313, 2191-P551313, 33528NP, ABP N10G FF5320, 86528MP, 86528, DONP551313, 364300-007, 95528, 3528, HLC1108538, SK3456, 878S, 2241109, BR1176, 6121C85AB1R0750, SP101702, 25135, FF551313