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Hydraulic, Cartridge L: 9,14 in, OD: 4 in, ID: 2,3 in


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Application CATERPILLAR 9M9740
Diameter Range 4 to 5 in
Efficiency Beta 1000 39 Micron
Efficiency Beta 2 20 Micron
Efficiency Beta 20 35 Micron
Inner Diameter 2.3 in (58.5 mm)
Length 9.14 in (232.2 mm)
Outer Diameter 4 in (101.6 mm)
Overall Length 9.26 in (235.3 mm)
Standard Length 9 to 10 in
Style Cartridge

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

1M9150, 1M9156, 1R0719, 281677, 2M3243, 2P3576, 3I0589, 3I1411, 7M5264, 7S8699, 9M9740, CH155PL, HF6097, LF5055, LF555, LP164, 103818, 105509, 1163, 161Y, 165-693-2630, 1M-9150, 1U-2093, 2191-P559740, 2M-9156, 2M3943, 2S-1677, 4A0339, 4J4195, 4T3131, 51163, 5579770, 6436419, 6438419, 7S-8699, 85163, 92096017, 9231100221, 9W-6427, AC3004, AS17OH, AZH006, BLL-164, DH1021, DH387, DN P559740, DN P559740, DONP559740, FA4341, FF253, FF356, FIL1163, FT5, G152, G657, H50087, HD1057, HF6097FLG, HF6341, HX21, L806, LF335, LK438, MD049, ML223, MO1127, P164, P335, PF295, PF87, PM155, PT189, PT189MPG, R2155P, SFL423, WGH6097, Y1016, YF1161, 101948, 1656932630, 1685485, 3047195, 4A339, 6664793, 69002668, 9576P559740, A18002, AMH6097, AP438, APH4381A, APH440A, CP9M9740P, CT4X9, CW163MP, D2NP559740, G051163, G152E, G152M, H1074, H10740, H1074O, H193, H1932, HE27020, HFR86097, L157, L221, LFR85055, LFR8555, MFH440A, MO1127P, P1428, P2M3943, P87, P9M9740, PL407, PM9M9740, SRPCAT11, 1541912130, 1M9156M, 1RO719, 1U2093, 2M9156, 2S1677, 3066975R91, 574249, 81400749, 9M9156, 9W6427, D163, DNP559740, E49H, FA87, FH249, FO1771, 2M3243, 1M9156, 1R0719, 1M9150, LP164, 7M5264, 3I0589, 2P3576, 3I1411, LF5055, 9M9740, LF555, HF6097, 7S8699, 281677, CH155PL, L221, H1074, 1656932630, H1932, SRPCAT11, HE27020, G051163, PM9M9740, 4A339, AMH6097, P87, 69002668, P1428, LFR8555, MO1127P, D2NP559740, CW163MP, MFH440A, 101948, G152M, APH440A, H10740, P9M9740, CP9M9740P, PL407, HFR86097, 6664793, 9576P559740, P2M3943, AP438, G152E, CT4X9, LFR85055, APH4381A, 3047195, 1685485, L157, A18002, H193, H1074O, SH56147, X6350505, KFO0232021, SFH9740, KFO0232305, W2M3943, S189CP, 1U2093, 9W6427, 1M9156M, FO1771, E49H, 2S1677, 1541912130, FA87, D163, DNP559740, 1RO719, 81400749, 9M9156, 2M9156, 574249, FH249, 3066975R91, HPQ24063410MB, MO1127, 103818, PM155, 92096017, 6436419, DN P559740, DN P559740, HD1057, PT189MPG, 5579770, SFL423, G657, HF6097FLG, 2191-P559740, 4T3131, MD049, AC3004, P164, WGH6097, AS17OH, 85163, 105509, 51163, 2M-9156, R2155P, FF253, FA4341, AZH006, DONP559740, FF356, 2S-1677, LK438, DH1021, Y1016, HF6341, YF1161, L806, 165-693-2630, FIL1163, BLL-164, 1U-2093, LF335, 9W-6427, 6438419, FT5, 1M-9150, PT189, 4J4195, 9231100221, P, HLC1052605, 301, HF35539, HY9566, PH1960, PL1960, 92163, 92163, 6P4603, 1208757, 7255974000, 330004047, 407, FC407, WD407, HD9740, CPL155, 25074, P559740, 689060, HF559740, LF559740, 811490