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Premium Battery - 12V - Group 31 - 950 CCA - 1170 CA - Top Post - Flooded Lead-Acid


Product Overview

Anchor-locked elements resist vibration damage

Interchanges & Equivalent parts: XHP31D, HP31D, 31S925, 315T, 31-900CT, 31MHD, BH31XT, ABPAE1131MF, 31950, 50791, VL31X, 3190S, ACB1110, ACD31TS, 1150C, 31A, AM31S9MF, 31C, 31SE, 1110, 4610658, PMHP31D, 31S30, 31S, 31S5, DB95031, EPV31925, 5033618, NWB31T900, 375-BD31925, 1726M31925, 31950T, 50091, SLI31SA, MP31S, 31-MHD, 31, 31S950, ACB1150C, 31S775, C31815, HD29, C319ST, ACBACD31TS, BT31S91, D31X, EXIHP31D, C312, BSGA31S, 1131MF, EPVT31925, EXIPMHP31D, EPMAE1131MF, HP-31EC, BU80931

Features & Benefits

  • Flush manifold and stainless steel 3/8 in x16 stud resist corrosion for long life
  • Lifting ledges help make installation and transportation easier
  • Maintenance-free design for long dependable service