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Truck King Pin Kit - Two Keyways - 10.070 in. King Pin Overall Length


Features & Benefits

  • Case hardened and precision ground king pins for superior strength and durability.
  • O.E. standards bearings for maximum load carrying characteristics.
  • Stringently controlled manufacturing process that ensures appropriate alloy thickness for the best fit and maximum contact.


Bushing Material Composite
King Bolt Set Pin Diameter 1.794 in.
King Pin Type Description Two Keyways
Overall Length 10.070 in.

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

328345, 50.146.05, 70.146.05, 80077B, DICFKP132B, FKP-132-B, FKP132B, HKP3160R, HKP3160TF, HKP3405, HKP3415, HKP3415TF, K146E, KB-861, TK-653, TWKP3160, 300294A, K629, K629, FKP132B, K146E, 50.146.05, FKP-132-B, HKP3405, TK-653, HKP3415TF, 70.146.05, TWKP3160, 328345, HKP3160R, 80077B, 300294A, DICFKP132B, HKP3160TF, KB-861, HKP3415