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Turbo power windshield wash -40 degree c - 3.78 l


Features & Benefits

  • Turbo Power Windshield Washer Antifreeze products are specially developed methanol based fluids designed to provide excellent grime, salt and snow cleaning performance under cold weather conditions
  • A non-smear formulation, this all season windshield washer protects from freezing down to –40°C

Interchanges & Equivalent parts:

15-204P52, 15204, 15204P52, 23378, 49301W, 996140UN, CHL15215, REC15204, SCL996140UN, RCM15-204P52, 15204E, 15204X52, 53999023001-2, WW53503, WW535-03, 15-204X52