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DBF-4 Diesel Fuel Additive - 4 L



Additive Type Diesel Fuel
Sub Brand DBF-4
Treatment Capacity 4 L treats 8,000 litres of diesel fuel.
Application Use In All #1 & #2 Diesel Fuel, Heating Oil.
Product Application Use In All #1 & #2 Diesel Fuel, Heating Oil.

Features & Benefits

  • 4L treats 8000 litres of diesel fuel.
  • Keeps The Pump & The Injectors Clean, Reducing Smoke Emissions.
  • Dislodges sludge, completely dissolves water, varnish and gum build-ups, prevents rust and bacterial accumulations.
  • Better engine performance. More efficient acceleration. Lubricates injectors.
  • Non corrosive and contains neither metals nor any chemical that can damage diesel engines.
  • Compatible for new engine using urea technology (D.P.F. / D.E.F.) DBF-4 meets the Canadian norm standard CANCGSB-3.517-2013 and European norm standard EN590.