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Trucking is a serious business. The hours are long, deadlines are tight, and the work is often dirty and dangerous.Tectran knows this too. For over 48 years, Tectran has served the heavy truck and trailer industry as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic and electrical components and systems.

We make better parts because we know lives may depend on them. It's why we design, test and manufacture every Tectran part with safety and performance in mind. We make better parts because each and every delivery is important to someone. Failure is simply not an option. We make better parts because the job is already tough enough. Choosing the right parts shouldn't make life more complicated. Better parts make it easier to spec and stock with the confidence that every item will help your customers go the distance.

At Tectran, making good parts is simply not good enough, so we are committed to making our parts BETTER.

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